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RavenWatch Security is a not-for-profit organization in Staunton Virginia which provides security services, Search and Rescue teams as well as security focused education. Our REDSAR teams are highly trained, rapid emergency or disaster search and rescue specialists who volunteer and assist with local, state and national emergencies.

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What we do.

Community Service

Every person has a God given right to live their lives in peace and without fear. Our primary mission is to build trusting relationships with members of our local communities and provide assistance to those in need, and to provide a bridge between local law enforcement and victims of violent crimes.

Disaster Relief

We have a quick response force consisting of trained men and women who are ready to deploy on disaster relief missions across the country, providing medical assistance, security and assistance to local disaster relief teams. Our QRF team trains on a regular basis and upholds standards comparable to combat ready military units.


One of our goals is to empower the people through knowledge and education. All Ravenwatch team members have niche expertise within the organization and that knowledge gets passed on through our website and interactions within the community. Providing this knowledge to our friends and neighbors will help create a positive and safe future.


Make a real and tangible difference for your community, for your children and for your country.

Information is Power

With the ever growing threats of the world it is important to keep yourself informed.

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Signal, a secure replacement for Facebook messenger.

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